What is the general price of geological drill pipe? The lowest quotation of drill pipe manufacturers

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-08
07-13 14:39:42 Many mining industries use geological drill pipes in mining or exploration. The drill pipes will be matched with various drill bits. If it is matched with diamond composite drill bits, what is the market price? ? This may be of concern to many users. The following content will give users a detailed introduction. How much does it cost when choosing to purchase geological drill pipes? When we are selecting geological drill pipes, if we want to understand the price, we need to consider from many different aspects. The market price is related to many factors, such as the need to combine materials. Generally, if you choose a diamond composite electric drill bit, the market price is About 200 yuan to 800 yuan, but this is not fixed, and has a certain relationship with the selected brand. If the geological electric drill pipe selected by the user belongs to a mechanical brand, the general market price can enjoy a discount, and a discount of about 50% can be obtained. If the user is interested in this aspect, it is better to contact the geological drill pipe manufacturer directly to effectively solve all aspects of the problem. , Easily get cheaper prices, and at the same time can guarantee the quality of the products. Choose machinery, give you the lowest quotation, welcome to visit the factory, and look forward to long-term cooperation with you.
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