What is the price of diamond composite drill bits in the general industry?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-24
12-21 17:11:59 The diamond composite drill bit is a composite material composed of a variety of different materials. It has excellent wear resistance, and also has excellent hardness, a wide range of functions, in geological prospecting, Mechanical processing, oil drilling and many other industries are also more suitable for medium-hard geological drilling, which can bring excellent thermal stability. Generally, the heat-resistant temperature can reach about 750 degrees. Therefore, many people will find that the diamond composite drill bit is a relatively advantageous material. For example, it can be used to cut non-metallic materials, metal materials, ceramic materials, wood, etc., which will have a better cutting effect and can also be combined with users. It can be customized according to the needs of the company, and it can be processed into a variety of different shapes. The common ones are triangles and rectangular sectors. The same can also be made for drills or electric drill teeth. Many people also want to know how much the diamond composite electric drill bit currently costs. When you learn about it, you will find that this is somewhat different from the PDC bit, because it has a certain relationship with the size of the bit. The current market price is Between 30 yuan and 140 yuan, the smallest should be 32×370, and the largest estimate is 112×370. You need to choose a more appropriate diameter according to the size of the drill hole. Different brands may require different prices. But in most cases, the price is not very high, it is between 30 yuan and 140 yuan, so it is recommended that you should also pay attention when choosing.
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