What is the significance of the purchased PDC drill bit

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-25
01-16 12:25:03 About 1/23/3 of the wellheads in eastern Shaanxi are larger than 31mm wellheads. The big borehole is very long. The high pressure gradient of Well Yunnan 6 is 45mpa/hm, the drilling fluid density is 41g/cm, and the drilling speed has been hovering around 00m/h for a long time. How much are 75 PDC drill bits in Shaanxi Province? The needs mainly include selecting the appropriate core tube and bit type, and reasonably using the bit pressure and speed flushing fluid pump to obtain a good drilling effect. The choice of core pipe is to improve the core (core recovery rate and quality, used for observation and experimental research and analysis, commonly used single-layer double-layer core pipe; for coal seams or other soft rocks, use double-layer core pipes with semi-connected pipes. For rough Sandstone (gravelite), mainly hot-pressed drill bits, good number of fragments, 98/89 bit 8 wings, 113/1 bit 10 wings is better. Long life, good tracking effect. No need to reopen. The machine thinks, When drilling ductile materials, the length of the drill bit should be as short as possible, so it is not advisable to increase the transition diameter structure. The machine also pointed out that from the point of view of geometric parameters, the drill bit of the circuit board usually adopts a large helix angle and a groove section ratio Other micro-drills are thin. For micro-drills that process stainless steel and other difficult-to-process materials, the machine pointed out that some plates are made into so-called trapezoidal handles. For example, the diameter of the drill is 524 mm and the length is 524 mm, but the working part of the electric drill is not The end of the electric drill is directly connected to the rod with a diameter of 175 mm, but the intermediate diameter is transitioned. If the drilling process is successfully simulated with the existing data, the drilling process can be better understood and checked as the important cutting One of the process. In order to improve the cutting geometry and optimize the cutting data of the new material on the typical rotating parts, it is necessary to conduct test inspections. Using the data of the drilling combination rig, the calculation method of the drilling process force is established. The Shaanxi high-quality 75PDC drill bit is used for oil drilling. One of the important tools, whether the drill bit adapts to the nature of the rock and its quality is of great significance to the choice of drilling technology. If the drilling process is successfully simulated with the existing data, the drilling process can be better understood and checked as the important cutting One of the processes. In order to improve the cutting geometry of the new materials of typical rotating parts and optimize the cutting data, experimental verification is needed. Using the data obtained by the drilling combination rig, a method of calculating the force of the drilling process is developed.
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