What matters should be paid attention to in daily use of milling cutter

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-21
The milling cutter is a tool used for milling the plane of the workpiece in the machining process. Since it is larger than a general milling cutter and shaped like a disc, it is called a milling cutter. The milling cutter is generally installed with inserts that are not reground. For cemented carbide inserts, install the milling cutter head on the main shaft of the milling machine, (the milling cutter head can be used for both vertical and horizontal milling), press the wedge block on the cutter head of the cemented carbide blade on the cutter head, (usually it can be installed Up to eight pieces, the large milling cutter head can be equipped with more than a dozen carbide blades, and the plane can be milled with less than one blade.) Then clamp the workpiece to be milled on the machine flat-nose pliers, or press it on the working surface of the milling machine, and then start the spindle, the milling cutter rotates, and the plane can be milled.  The characteristics of the milling cutter head:   1. High productivity The milling cutter rotates continuously during milling, and allows high milling speed, so it has high productivity.  2. Different milling methods: According to different processing conditions, in order to improve tool durability and productivity, different milling methods can be selected, such as up-milling, down-milling or symmetrical milling, asymmetrical milling.  3. Multi-tool and multi-edge cutting: The milling cutter has more teeth and the total length of the cutting edge is large, which is conducive to improving the durability and productivity of the tool, and has many advantages. But there are also the following two problems: First, the cutter teeth are prone to radial runout, which will cause unequal load of the cutter teeth, uneven wear, and affect the quality of the processed surface. The second is that the chip space of the cutter teeth must be sufficient, otherwise the cutter teeth will be damaged.  4. During intermittent cutting and milling, each tooth is cutting intermittently, especially in end milling. The milling force fluctuates greatly, so vibration is inevitable. When the frequency of vibration is the same as or multiples of the natural frequency of the machine tool, the vibration is serious. In addition, when high-speed milling, the cutter teeth are subject to periodic cold and thermal shocks, which are prone to cracks and chipping, which reduces the durability of the cutter.  What matters should be paid attention to in daily use of the milling cutter head:    1. The deviation of the tip distance W of the milling cutter head should not exceed 0.008mm.   2. The deviation of the nose diameter, outer cutting and inner cutting of the milling cutter head should not exceed ±0.01mm.  3. The cutting edge should be straight after sharpening, and the deviation of its straightness should not exceed 0.008mm.  4. The radial deviation of the cutting edge of the outer cutting blade and the inner cutting blade of the milling cutter head to the center line of the milling cutter head should not exceed 0.008mm.  5. The shovel back surface of the milling cutter blade should ensure that in any section passing through the centerline of the cutter body of the milling cutter, the cut-off angle of the blade should be the same.
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