What preparations should be made before using PDC drill bits?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-10
05-22 15:08:14 PDC electric drill bit is a relatively common drilling tool, and the frequency of use is very high, so when customers actually buy and use this product, they must pay attention to some related factors and avoid the product In the process of using it suffered some damage, or was unable to maximize its benefits. Before using the PDC bit, we need to carefully investigate the bottom hole situation to ensure that the drilling is smooth, so as to ensure that the bit will not be damaged when it goes down the well, and some related measurements must be more accurate and careful. It is necessary to perform drilling data or some other water buoyancy data measurement, which can ensure that some masters can effectively control the speed during operation, so that the operation of the PDC bit has a higher efficiency. And after the electric drill tool is used, we should properly carry and store it, so as to ensure that the electric drill product will not suffer some friction and damage during the details of use.
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