What problems are prone to occur during the use of geological drill pipes?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-04
03-16 09:53:59 Due to the main working environment of the geological drill pipe, it has been compressed by various aspects. It is very likely that the product will be deformed or cracked during the use process, so when the product is actually made At the time, the alloy steel pipe specially used for this product is generally used, so it can ensure that the geological drill pipe produced can be used for a longer time, ensuring that it can be used in various environments and can be maintained for a longer time. In fact, the drill bit part of the geological electric drill pipe must be made of high-quality alloy steel pipe material to ensure the true effect of use, and during the operation process, it must be ensured that every part of the product can be seamlessly connected, so that it can have The stronger anti-shearing ability enables geological electric drill pipes to keep their original shape even in harsh environments, without external damage, and to ensure a longer service life. Understand these problems that often occur in the use of this type of product, and then choose the appropriate production materials to ensure that the product will not have such problems.
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