What role does the drill pipe play in the drilling process?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-15
pipe is an indispensable part in the drilling process. Compared with drill bits, stabilizers or other joints, its structure is relatively simple. However, the structure of the drill pipe is simple, but its main shape is a steel pipe with a spiral pattern at the tail, so that some other parts such as the drill stabilizer can be installed together, which is a great consideration for quality during geological surveys, drilling, and mining. Yes, because the main working environment of the general criminals are large-scale projects such as mines. If the quality is not up to the standard, some harder geological layers will be damaged, so you will generally pay great attention when choosing a drill bit. The main advantage of diamond electric drill bits is that they can have stronger compressive resistance. If these two different styles of drill bits can be combined with electric drill rods, the effect of turning out can be brought into full play. The drill rods are in use. The main function is to move the drill bit and pour the mud into the drill bit to maintain the same height. The strength of this work is very critical to the quality of the drill pipe. If the pressure resistance of the drill pipe is not strong, then There may be bending, which will affect the subsequent engineering situation. And because drill pipes often work in some harder locations, they must have strong pressure resistance, transmit the drill bit to the deeper geological formations, transmit power and apply pressure to the electric drill bit.
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