What should I do before using diamond drills?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-11
10-19 16:28:42 When we analyze what preparations should be made before using diamond drills, in fact, these related preparations can also be applied to other drill products. Diamond drills have strong compression resistance and better corrosion resistance. It is strong, so there will be no major damage when used in the harder surface layer. Now that more and more projects are beginning to use diamond bits, what should be paid attention to when storing and using diamond bits ? Although the diamond bit has a greater hardness than the pdc bit, it still needs to be checked before use. The outside of the diamond bit needs to be cleaned to ensure that there is no debris in the diamond bit cutting teeth, and the cutting teeth There should be no damage to ensure that the effect of the drill bit during use will not be affected. In addition, when storing and transferring electric drill bits, we should prohibit placing drill bits or drill rods directly on iron plates. Rubber plates or wooden boards should be used for transport and storage. That's it. The drill bit can be guaranteed to a certain extent without any external damage. Although the drill bit may be damaged by the harder rock layer in the working environment, which affects the service life of the drill bit, if there is a problem or the electric drill bit in the daily handling process Damage will have a greater impact on the service life of the drill.
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