What should I do if the cutting edge becomes blunt when using the milling cutter head?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-16
The cutter head cuts lightly and has good seismic performance. It is suitable for the cutting of medium and low carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, cast iron and other materials. It is also suitable for the cutting of low-power machine tools. Therefore, it is deeply loved by everyone. Now I will share with you what occasions the milling cutter head is suitable for?  The milling cutter head is mechanically clamped on the cutter body. When one cutting edge of the blade is blunt, the cutting can be continued by only changing to another cutting edge. It has the advantages of convenient and rapid insert indexing, large cutting amount, high production efficiency, long average life of the insert, and saving cutter body. It is suitable for milling large and small planes.   Rotation direction and advantages of the milling cutter head:    When the left-handed cutter head is used to cut the left-handed gear, the chip thickness increases from small to large, and then the blade leaves the workpiece, and the iron filings change from thin to thick. In this way, the blade will generate a large squeezing force at the moment of starting to cut, generate a lot of heat, and accelerate the wear of the blade. It is called up milling.   When cutting a left-handed gear with a right-handed cutter head, the cutting of the blade starts with a large cutting thickness. The iron chips cut by the blade change from thickness to thinner, and the cutting force ratio is small, which avoids the extrusion phenomenon, which is called down milling.  Climbing milling can improve tool life and tooth surface finish. When rough cutting pinion gears, down milling can increase the durability of the CNC tool by 70~90%. When cutting small wheels, down milling can improve the tooth surface finish and at the same time extend the tool durability by 30~50%.  The requirements of the milling cutter head for blade processing:   1. The accuracy of the milling cutter head itself: the accuracy of the selected blade should meet the requirements of parts processing.   2. The accuracy of the slot positioning surface: the selection of the milling cutter head should also meet the accuracy requirements, and the blade and the cutter body need to be compatible.   3. Tool clamping: The corresponding tool must be selected according to the regulations, such as the size and length of the wrench.  4. Strict operating procedures: must be carried out in the prescribed order, steps, and methods, such as the verticality or inclination of the wrench, the amount of force, the order of operation, etc. 5. The installation surface is clean and intact: When installing, check the cleanliness of the knife groove, whether there is dust or chips, whether the CNC tool holder and the knife groove are intact, especially when replacing the blade or the cutting edge, pay attention to whether the knife groove is damaged due to processing , Scratch.
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