What should I know before using CNC milling cutter heads?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-23
Design parameters of CNC milling cutters The design parameters of our professional CNC milling cutters include: diameter, number of teeth, helix angle and tooth groove shape. CNC milling cutter head diameter: direct large, high cutter shank strength, large cutter shank, good heat transfer of cutter teeth, improve tool life. Under the same cutting conditions, the cutting force will increase. Number of teeth: Coarse teeth Fine teeth: Coarse-tooth CNC milling cutters have good tool strength, large chip holding space, many regrind times, but poor stability, and are mostly used for rough machining. Fine tooth finishing. CNC milling cutter helix angle: increasing the helix angle can improve the surface quality of the processed workpiece, reduce vibration, increase the working rake angle and the curling radius, so that chip removal is convenient. But it causes excessive axial force. Related knowledge of milling with milling cutter When face milling, use a milling cutter approximately 30% larger than the cutting width and position the milling cutter close to the center of the workpiece, so the chip thickness does not change much. The chip thickness when cutting in and out is slightly thinner than the cutting thickness when cutting in the center. In order to ensure that a sufficiently high average chip thickness/feed per tooth is used, the number of teeth of the milling cutter suitable for the process must be correctly determined. The tooth pitch of the milling cutter is the distance between the effective cutting edges. According to this value, milling cutters can be divided into 3 types-close-tooth milling cutters, sparse-tooth milling cutters, and special-tooth milling cutters. The solution to the size of the CNC milling cutter is not accurate. Sometimes when we use the CNC milling cutter, the cutting accuracy is not enough. *, the cutting accuracy of the CNC milling cutter is very high, then this phenomenon occurs. What are the reasons for this? What are the solutions? 1. Excessive cutting: reduce the depth and width of the cutting; 2. lack of accuracy of the machine or fixture: repair the machine and fixture; 3. lack of rigidity of the machine or fixture: change the machine \ fixture or cutting setting; 4 .Too few cutting edges: use multi-edge end mills. Note for the purchase of milling cutter heads. When we buy products, we all hope to purchase products that are more suitable for us. The same is true for milling cutter heads. In order to help everyone choose a more suitable milling cutter head product, the following editor You introduce what problems should be paid attention to when choosing a milling cutter head. 1. For clamping thread tapping, rigid tapping or flexible tapping is required? How big is the tap? 2. Clamping face milling cutter head type What is the diameter of the cutter head? What is the inscribed circle of the cutter head? Metric or imperial holes? Is there a length requirement? 3. Should the tool setter be displayed in a table or digital display, or projected? What is the measuring range? What is the measurement accuracy?
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