What should the saw blade milling cutter pay attention to in daily milling?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-19
When the saw blade milling cutter is milling, the milling cutter rotates continuously, so the productivity is high, and a higher milling speed is allowed. During continuous cutting and milling, each tooth is continuously cutting, and the milling force fluctuates greatly, so vibration is inevitable. Vibration will be the most serious when the frequency of vibration is the same or multiples of the natural frequency of the machine tool. The saw blade milling cutter has many teeth and the total length of the cutting edge is large, which is of great help to improve the durability and productivity of the tool, and there are many advantages.   The saw blade milling cutter is also a commonly used tool in processing. The direct difference between it and the cylindrical milling cutter is that the cylindrical milling cutter needs to be used on the tool bar, and the saw blade milling cutter can be used directly by inserting it into the spindle taper hole. Saw blade milling cutters are mainly used to process grooves and step surfaces. In processing, the use range and use requirements of high-speed steel saw blade milling cutters are relatively wide, and there will not be too much error in the case of poor cutting conditions. Although cemented carbide saw blade milling cutters have good wear resistance during high-speed cutting, their application range is not as wide as that of high-speed steel saw blade milling cutters.  In actual machining production, saw blade milling cutters should be selected, which needs to be selected according to the processed materials and processing volume. The correct choice of cutting tools will greatly help save processing time and improve processing efficiency. Daily operation specifications of saw blade milling cutter:    1. After the high-speed steel saw blade milling cutter is just installed, a trial cutting work should be carried out to ensure that the new saw blade and the equipment have a good coordination, which will promote the cutting of the saw blade and the equipment Quality and longevity. Please be sure to slow down the feed speed of the saw blade before the formal cutting process, otherwise the saw blade will be easily damaged if the saw blade is cut normally at the beginning. 2. Regarding the reduction of feed material is very necessary for special materials, such as stainless steel and other difficult-to-cut materials with higher toughness, the feed should be reduced; this will help to extend the service life of the high-speed steel saw blade, and also The cross-section of the material is related, and for the smaller diameter, it can be adjusted accordingly according to the actual situation. 3. If the feed speed of the same material is adjusted faster during the cutting process, please be sure to select coarse teeth; the saw blade is a consumable, the cutting angle and tooth pitch are very important, if necessary, it needs to be grinded to enlarge the saw blade Benefits. Please refer to 'How to Determine Whether Carbide Saw Blade Needs Grinding' for specific situations under which grinding is required.    4. In the daily work of saw blade and milling cutter, be sure to observe the iron filings produced by high-speed steel saw blades during sawing. , It can be judged some state of the saw blade: if the sawdust cut is relatively small or extremely fine, and it is powdery, it can be judged that the current cutting pressure is too small, and it should be adjusted in time.
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