What to do if the saw blade milling cutter is rusted/

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-19
The saw blade milling cutter is made of alloy metal, and it will rust if it is used improperly. At this time, the saw blade milling cutter cannot be used immediately, and the rust marks need to be removed before it can be used. When dealing with the rust of the saw blade and milling cutter, it is necessary to check the specific part of the saw blade, and then polish it with an emery wheel, because the serration is a sensitive part on the saw blade. Improper handling will affect the service life of the saw blade and milling cutter. It may lead to scrap. Therefore, a better way to deal with it is to pay attention to the usual maintenance work, to complete every detail, and prevent it before it is an effective way to deal with it.   Saw blade milling cutter is mainly used for milling processing, with one or more rotary cutters. When working, each cutter tooth intermittently cuts off the margin of the workpiece. Milling cutters are mainly used for machining planes, steps, grooves, forming surfaces and cutting off workpieces on milling machines. ①Cylindrical milling cutter: used for processing planes on horizontal milling machines. The cutter teeth are distributed on the circumference of the milling cutter. According to the tooth shape, they are divided into straight teeth and spiral teeth. According to the number of teeth, there are two types: coarse teeth and fine teeth. The helical coarse-tooth milling cutter has a small number of teeth, high tooth strength and large chip holding space, which is suitable for rough machining; fine-tooth milling cutters are suitable for fine machining. ②Face milling cutter: used for vertical milling machine, face milling machine or gantry milling machine, upper processing plane, there are cutter teeth on the end face and circumference, and there are also coarse and fine teeth. Its structure has three types: integral type, insert type and indexable type. ③End milling cutter: used for processing grooves and step surfaces, etc. The cutter teeth are on the circumference and end surface, and cannot be fed along the axial direction when working. When the end mill has end teeth passing through the center, it can feed axially. ④Three-sided face milling cutter: used to process various grooves and step surfaces, with teeth on both sides and circumference. ⑤Angle milling cutter: used for milling grooves at a certain angle, there are two kinds of single-angle and double-angle milling cutters. ⑥ Saw blade milling cutter: used to process deep grooves and cut off workpieces, with more teeth on the circumference. In order to reduce friction during milling, there are 15'~1° secondary deflection angles on both sides of the cutter teeth. In addition, there are keyway milling cutters, dovetail milling cutters, T-slot milling cutters and various forming milling cutters. If you want the saw blade milling cutter to play a real function, do as follows:    1. For saw blades of different specifications and purposes, the angle of the blade and the base form of the design are different. Try to follow the corresponding occasions. use.  2. The size and shape accuracy of the main shaft and splint of the equipment have a great influence on the use effect. Check and adjust before installing the saw blade. In particular, the factors that affect the clamping force on the contact surface of the splint and the saw blade and cause the displacement and slip must be eliminated.  3. Pay attention to the working condition of the saw blade at any time. If there is any abnormality, such as vibration, noise, and material running on the processing surface, it must be shut down and adjusted in time, and grind in time to maintain peak profit.  4. Do not change the original angle of the sharpening saw blade to avoid local sudden heating and cooling of the blade. Please sharpen it professionally.  5. Saw blades that are not used for the time being should be hung vertically to avoid placing them flat for a long time, and should not be stacked on top of them. The blades should be protected and not allowed to collide.
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