When selecting geological drill pipes, what classifications need to be understood?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-08
01-11 14:38:30 Geological electric drill pipe is a relatively common equipment on the market, and people also need to have a certain understanding of it when choosing to buy, otherwise there is no guarantee that the later purchase will be more satisfactory. . If you really want to buy geological drill pipe, you still need to know what different types it has and what characteristics it has. From the current situation, it can be seen that it can be divided into these types. If classified according to the effect of use, the first is an efficient geological drill pipe. This category will choose a special electric drill bit, sometimes a diamond composite drill bit, and sometimes a PDC drill bit, mainly in seamless technology. It is manufactured with a very unique welding technology, and these products can be in a relatively good state, suitable for a variety of different complex environments. There is also a geological electric drill pipe of ordinary quality, which is also liked by many people, because it has a relatively durable effect. During the operation, you will find a very good drainage effect, which can effectively extend the use time. Whether it is harder soil or softer soil, all can be used, so the efficiency can be effectively improved, and it also has good stability. Of course, when choosing to buy, it is not only focused on classification , We also need to look at which materials it has and how much effect it has. These are also more critical.
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