When should the core tube connected to the electric drill bit be replaced

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-17
When should the core tube connected with the electric drill bit be replaced?    electric drill bit drill tool mainly refers to the drill tool consisting of active drill pipe, drill pipe, core tube, reamer, electric drill bit and various connecting joints. When drilling a hole in the hole, the friction between the core barrel and the hole wall causes the abrasion of the hole wall, that is, the core barrel is a consumable and has a short service life. At the same time, the core barrel is also a transmission shaft that transmits the torque of the electric drill bit to the electric drill bit. When rotating at high speed, it also bears huge torque. Therefore, the old core tube should be replaced in time. 1. Why choose the right time to replace the core tube? The standard common core tube specifications are 73mm, 89mm, 108mm, 127mm, 146mm, 168mm. The main materials are 45# steel, DZ40, DZ50, and the thickness is 4.0-5.0. Within mm. Replacing the core tube too early will result in a waste of drilling resources. Replacing the core tube at an appropriate time can not only effectively save drilling costs, especially now that the price of steel is soaring, the price of one meter of core tube has increased by tens of yuan, and the commonly used 108mm core tube may even reach 100 yuan per meter; replace in time The core tube can also avoid the occurrence of drilling accidents, because it is very difficult to wear the core tube due to the falling of the drilling tool in the later fishing operation, which is not only time-consuming, but also likely to cause the drilling to be scrapped.  2. When will the core tube be replaced? The main reasons for the core tube replacement are wear and bending. Before connecting the core tube and the electric drill bit, the quality standard should be checked. If the quality is not up to standard, even the new pipe cannot run. After using for a period of time, the degree of wear and bending of the old core tube should be checked. The core barrel with unilateral wear exceeding 3mm should be scrapped and replaced immediately, and cannot be connected to the electric drill bit. At the same time, the core tube with a bending degree of more than 2mm/m should be scrapped and replaced immediately; the thread of the entire tube should be checked for holes, cracks and severe deformation. If there is a potential failure, a new core tube should be replaced.  The waste core tube can be used as a casing pipe when the bending degree of the electric drill bit manufacturer is qualified, which can save drilling costs to a large extent. In addition, large-caliber waste core pipes can also be used as wall protection pipes.
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