Which aspects of grooved drill pipe are prone to problems?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-11
06-10 08:44:43 Although grooved drill pipe has more advantages than some ordinary electric drill pipe products, it can better ensure the smooth progress of some projects, but no matter what kind of product it has, The structure design and material selection of the product may be damaged in a large number of operations. Therefore, we must understand the aspects of the product that are prone to problems during the actual operation and use of the grooved electric drill pipe. , Understand how to carry out the daily maintenance of drill pipe tools. First of all, some of the most likely problems in the use of grooved drill pipes should be certain scratches on the outside of the product, or due to excessive external pressure during use, resulting in certain bending of the drill pipe. The possibility of these problems is very high, so we should pay attention to the damage in these aspects when we carry out daily maintenance. Then, even if the product is not affected by some external forces, after a long time of use, some parts of the product and the position of frequent friction will show some wear. Regular maintenance can also make the grooved drill pipe maintain a better quality. In good condition.
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