Which cutting materials can the milling cutter be applied to in use

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-21
The milling cutter is a tool used for milling the plane of the workpiece in the machining process. Since it is larger than a general milling cutter and shaped like a disc, it is called a milling cutter. The milling cutter is generally installed with inserts that are not reground. For cemented carbide inserts, install the milling cutter head on the main shaft of the milling machine, (the milling cutter head can be used for both vertical and horizontal milling), press the wedge block on the cutter head of the cemented carbide blade on the cutter head, (usually it can be installed Up to eight pieces, the large milling cutter head can be equipped with more than a dozen carbide blades, and at least one blade can be installed to mill the plane). Then clamp the workpiece to be milled on the machine flat-nose pliers, or press it on the working surface of the milling machine, and then start the spindle, the milling cutter rotates, and the plane can be milled.   Milling cutter head: suitable for rough machining or rough and fine composite machining of steel cast iron and gray cast iron on medium and small power machine tools. The cutter is equipped with a rough cutting blade on the circumference, and the end face is equipped with a fine cutting blade, which can be used for rough milling or fine milling. The circumferential teeth have positive and negative rake angles. Classification of milling cutter heads:    side milling cutter head is one of the key parts of the machine. The choice of the cutter head will directly affect the cutting effect of the whole machine and the speed of tunneling, and even the success or failure of the project, so choose a good side milling Knives are very important. The function of the side milling cutter The side milling cutter is mainly used for processing planes, steps, grooves, forming surfaces and cutting workpieces on the milling machine, in order to ensure the use of a sufficiently high average chip thickness and the feed rate of each tooth , The number of teeth of the side milling cutter suitable for the process must be correctly determined. For the disc milling cutter, it is very convenient to mill deep grooves, and the efficiency is also very high, which can be used in many large equipment.  45°face milling cutter head: The cutter head is compressed by the rear wedge, the structure is simple, the axial positioning is adjustable; the cutting is easy, the vibration resistance is good, and the chip removal is smooth. It is suitable for plane or step milling of low-carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, cast iron and other materials.   Milling cutter head With the continuous development of social economy, the application of milling cutter head in people's life and work has become more and more extensive. Some large-scale machine tools need to use milling cutter head to complete production and processing. Nowadays, there are many professional manufacturers specializing in the production of milling cutter heads. The quality and models of milling cutters they produce are very complete, and the price setting is also very reasonable. Therefore, the milling cutter industry is already a very mature product in the domestic market. Milling cutter heads with powerful cutting and cutting effects can help people do many difficult things. In some municipal constructions, in the production of some workpieces, etc., they are inseparable from milling cutter head tools. What needs to be reminded is that when buying and using the cutter of the milling cutter, you must pay attention to your own safety, carefully read the instruction manual, and let yourself fully grasp the points and problems that you pay attention to in use to ensure the safety of use .
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