Why use high-quality drill rods for electric drills

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-17
Why use high-quality drill rods for electric drill bits? In the process of electric drill bits, the commonly used drill rod material in our country is R780. All the drill rods produced by the Golden Electric Drill Bit Factory use Baosteel's R780 raw materials. The price of this material is 200-400 yuan/ton higher than the commonly used core tube DZ40 and DZ50. So why do the materials used in the drill pipe require such a high drill pipe? The main reasons are as follows:    1. Electric drill bit has a small drill diameter. There are many kinds of drilling methods in domestic geological drilling, such as steel grain drilling, deep hole drilling, rotary drilling, etc. . The diameter of the corresponding drill rod depends entirely on the size of the electric drill bit. The diameter of the electric drill is the smallest among all electric drills. For example, the diameter of a gold electric drill bit is 56mm, and the corresponding geological drill pipe can reach 42mm or even 28mm. The material requirements for such a small diameter can be imagined.  2. Fast drilling speed of electric drill bit    Drilling is the use of high-speed rotation to cut rocks to achieve the purpose of footage, commonly known as rotary drilling. At present, the gold electric drill bit is widely used for core drilling, and its footage efficiency is higher than that of full-hole impact rotary drilling. According to different rock formations, choose the corresponding hardness of the gold electric drill bit, but also adjust the appropriate drilling parameters. The 6-8 degree electric drill bit is specially designed for drilling hard granite, silica, etc. After drilling smoothly, work with low drilling weight, high speed and large water volume. The dynamic mechanical speed can be adjusted to 80-1200r/min. Therefore, as a key part of the entire drill string, the drill pipe must be able to withstand the huge torque brought about by high-speed drilling.  3. Drill rods one after another   Drilling tasks usually include drilling to a depth of several hundred meters or even several kilometers, and the length of the drill tool is connected by locking a single drill rod. Therefore, it is difficult to add the necessary protective sleeve and rubber sleeve to the drill pipe, and the connecting thread must withstand huge torque. Therefore, drill rods are required to have high wear resistance, strong toughness and good bending strength. After research by many domestic steel companies, the widely used R780 material has been made.   In recent years, domestic steel prices have fluctuated greatly, and many drill pipe manufacturers do not have large stocks. The fierce market competition over the years has also caused some fake and inferior drill pipes to appear in the industry. Electric drill bit manufacturers remind workers in the drilling industry that drill pipes are important drilling accessories. Don’t buy non-r780 drill pipes cheaply. Once a drilling accident occurs, the cost of salvaging drilling tools is immeasurable.
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